Established in Australia and in operation for over a decade, KoBold Group has gained considerable experience helping clients across a wide range of industries.

KoBold Group was formed by Jeff Bugden to ensure there was an Australian company for clients to turn to for professional technical services, systems development, implementation and support, and consultancy. By creating a small, agile company, KoBold offered local knowledge, personalised support, fast decision making and innovation.

Starting small, the company began in January 2003 with a core team of 4 people, and began recruiting for resources and partners to ensure KoBold would become a one-stop-shop for a range of expertise and capability.

KoBold was built upon the premise that employees would be central to the success of the company, and as such they were offered the opportunity to become shareholders in the company, sharing in the successes as the company grew.

Creating entities within the overall KoBold Group ensured that staff were members of a small team, providing professional development opportunities and ownership of their team’s results and strategies.

A key priority during the building of the company was involvement in research and development, with many of our internal systems being developed in-house by our Systems team.

KoBold continues to offer a broad range of capabilities, with local understanding and decision making.