Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning

The Aerospace and Defence Support Centre at Amberley will be a modern technology hub designed to support RAAF Base Amberley and meet the demands of the Australian Defence Organisation regional operations for the next 20 years. The $150M project meets the Queensland Government’s strategic objective to position Queensland as a global leader in the aerospace and defence industries.

What we delivered for the Department

The Department initially engaged us to undertake the "Demand Study Report on Commercial Aerospace Industries at the Proposed Amberley Aerospace Park”.

The outcomes of the report, the demand study and environmental and engineering studies resulted in a decision by the Department to proceed with a project assurance framework assessment and land planning process. The Department engaged Deloitte Touche Tomatsu and KoBold to jointly undertake a project assurance framework assessment.

Continuing work

Following our initial enagement, we are now contracted to support the Department with the development of an operational plan and activities associated with stakeholder engagement and communications. These activities include:


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