At KoBold, we recognise that individual client needs and time frames are different. We offer various flexible service delivery approaches that will give you the best value for your project.

Our delivery methods are based on our extensive experience and we can adapt our approach to meet your particular requirements.

On-demand servicesOn-demand services

We can provide professional technical and management professionals with specific experience and skills to work as an effective member of your organisation on a fee basis.

Project servicesProject services

We offer complete delivery of project outcomes and benefits using our experienced people, methodologies and processes. Our delivery processes include oversight and monitoring of the project.

Delivery methodologies

Our methodologies are well refined from over ten years of successful delivery experience and cover the full scope of initiation, delivery and close-out.

Task initiation

Task initiation builds on Industry studies that show user involvement and completeness of requirements are two of the top three factors cited in project success. Our task initiation process identifies and confirms environment and task management context, task management system and task planning and control.

Task delivery

Task delivery follows our project management methodology. It ensures our teams are focussed on the agreed project success criteria, interaction with project participants, communication and information sharing and exchange.

Task close-out and assessment

Our task closeout and assessment is a formal procedure that gives us feedback on how we can improve our task planning and execution, and forms the basis for analysis of task activities. In addition to the regular client meetings, the process provides our clients with further project feedback on a more formal basis.